Architectural Glass New Brunswick

Architectural Glass New Brunswick

Glass is one of the oldest building materials with a history dating back seven centuries. Historians do not know when people introduced glass to architecture, but there is massive evidence of pottery, beads, and architecture in ancient Rome.

Currently, glass is a practical and straightforward beauty that is an essential piece of architecture. It is a privileged stage in architecture for its beauty and practical applications. Using glass makes it a natural lighting complement even if you want it in various colors for different illumination shapes, patterns, and color shades. Technical analysts and glass and glazing contractors in New Brunswick suggest it will be a significant building component when technology allows us to project our phones, computers, and other devices on the glass walls around the home instead of sticking to the small screens.

Properties of our architectural glass

There are many different kinds of glasses for different functions and engineering needs. Architectural glass suppliers in New Brunswick look at the following properties to determine their suitability in different architectural settings:

  • Transparency – The glass can be completely transparent from both sides or one side only, depending on the purpose.
  • Strength – Different strengths make it suitable for different production processes to make it suitable for different applications.
  • Workability – This property also refers to the ability to bend the glass, and high workability means you can use it in more bendable situations
  • Transmittance – This standard determines how much light passes through the glass
  • U-value – The value determines the amount of heat passing through; hence a high U value will have poor insulation.

Types of architectural glass in New Brunswick

  • Float glass – The float glass has a thickness between 2mm and 20mm and is primarily familiar in public places and shop fronts that want people to see what is inside.
  • Shatterproof – It is a great one for floors, windows, and skylights because of its superior strength and broken pieces that do not form sharp edges when it breaks.
  • Laminated glass – The glass has many different layers of ordinary glass and is perfect for soundproof and UV protection. The most common application is for structures that do not need UV interference, such as aquariums.
  • Chromatic glass – The transparent glass has superior efficiency and protection against daylight, with extra lamination against sensitive electrochromic signals.
  • Tinted glass – The colored glass has a mix of ingredients that give it a different color, so you can use it to obstruct light or illuminate a different shade of color on the other side.
  • Clean glass – Essentially, all glass is easy to clean and gives a beautiful appearance with a bit of polish. The extra clean glass has slightly different properties, so it needs minimal maintenance and cleaning to stay stain-proof for longer. The most common application of the extra clean glass is in high-rise buildings that are more difficult to access and clean.
  • Tough glass – It has one of the lowest visibilities and durable standards to perform well for fire-resistant doors and industrial architectural glass walls in New Brunswick.

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Architectural Glass New Brunswick

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