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Your traditional backyard deck, made of solid wood planks. Before the 1990’s, traditional wood decks were the only kind available and most often these decks are made of redwood, cedar, or pressure treated lumber. Our Bay Area wood decks are designed and priced based on available space and incorporated elements desired.

If you have a dream or a vision of how you want your backyard to look, call us today and let us help design and build your dream outdoor space including the perfect hosting spot for your family and friends – a brand new deck! See how a traditional deck can transform your backyard into a favorite place for guests and family to enjoy our (almost) perfect SF Bay Area weather.

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Bay Area Composite Decks

Our top level Bay Area Deck contractors are able to serve you and your family by designing and installing a high quality deck built from composite materials

These composite materials do not typically deal with the same rot and decay issues that traditional wood planks deal with. Composite decks are a great addition to any of our East Bay Area homes. Composite lumber began to catch on in the 1990’s and have proven that they are a viable option for home owners. This is true especially if you aren’t interested in completing the yearly maintenance a traditional wood deck requires.

These composite decks are often priced higher for material, but require less maintenance. Families should note: these decks have been known to retain significant heat during the summer – so if you like to go barefoot, buyer beware.

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