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Best Bay Area Fences For Neighbors

They say a good fence makes for a good neighbor. I find this even more true in regards to bay area fencing. Long hours and what seems like even longer commute times makes having a private and safe outdoor area invaluable for most bay area residents.

Few things are worse than getting home from a long day and having someone looking through your fence while trying to relax in your home or backyard, or worse – coming onto your property when you aren’t home taking advantage of the long work hours needed to generate enough income to enjoy the Bay Area.

Three Biggest Considerations:

  1. Privacy
  2. Security
  3. Aesthetics

Let’s be honest, all bay area fencing should provide all three of these – but they often don’t. Largely due to the material used, or the quality of work by your hired contractor.

At East Bay Wood, we look to providing the best fences for our Bay Area neighbors by ensuring all three of the biggest considerations are taking into account – and superior craftsmanship and customer service are included.

Best Bay Area Fencing Material

In order to provide privacy, security, and aesthetics – the material type matters. The most common fence materials we use are –

  1. Wood
  • The traditional material used by over 90% of homeowners.

Privacy: Depending on the type of fencing the homeowner would like, wood provides considerably more privacy than other options. A well done privacy fence, panel over panel, means that none of your other hard-working bay area residents can even see inside your property.

Security: Wood also provides decent, but not perfect security. It may not be the most sturdy fence building material out there, but it’s a pretty good deterrent for wood-be (pun-intended) thieves.

Aesthetics: Wood has been used to decorate and enhance spaces since the beginning of time, and with modern technology and innovation – panel placement, stains, and paint can drastically improve an outdoor spaces look.

Considerations: Cost efficient option that lasts considerably long with routine maintenance. Most used material for a reason.

  1. PVC/Vinyl
  • Gaining popularity amongst homeowners, but far from perfect.

Privacy: PVC/Vinyl fence panels are often made to imitate wood, and as such, the amount of privacy is equal to it’s wood counterpart.

Security: Similar to wood

Aesthetics: An increase of color options becoming available within the industry is helping pvc/vinyl fencing catch on. Your basic color combinations are White, Black, or Red.

Considerations: PVC/Vinyl fencing lasts significantly longer than wood, it is often much more durable due to it’s resistance to rot and other weather deterioration and requires nearly no maintenance. Due to this: the cost is considerably higher.

  1. Metal/Iron
  • Often used in commercial settings, and can be much more customizable than other options.

Privacy: The lowest option regarding privacy, unless outside factors like vegetation are used.

Security: Metal/Iron fencing definitely provides the highest level of security for your home or business, and depending on configuration can be even harder for unwanted guests to enter the property.

Aesthetics: Highly customizable with the right contractor, can be customized to owner’s designs and specifications.

Considerations: Significantly more expensive than other options.

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