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We offer the highest quality fences, excellent service, and the industry’s finest warranty. East Bay Wood has earned a reputation for being a fence contractor you can trust to deliver beyond your expectations. Whether it is durable vinyl fence installation or wood we do it all!

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Why Is East Bay Wood, The Leading Brentwood Fence Company?

We provide a superior fence installation and repair service that encompasses fences of all types and sizes. Over a decade of experience delivering quality fence work in Brentwood has helped us establish a reputation for providing unsurpassed quality, coupled with excellent customer service. However, this quality is delivered at a competitive price, so you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy quality fencing.

Our team of fence installers uses a tried and true installation process, which when coupled with thousands of top-rated customer reviews has solidified our reputation over the years. Here are a few more reasons to choose East Bay Wood:

Leading experts – We employ only the very best in the business to ensure that our clients are treated to an excellent quality fence installation and repair service. This is unlike other fence companies that employ unskilled labor.

Fences of all types – We install and repair fences regardless of their type. In fact, we can also recommend the right type of fence for your property.

Warranty – Every fence installed is backed by a warranty.

Great customer service – All our clients are treated to excellent customer service, whether they have questions about our service or need a quote.

Free estimate – Getting a new fence requires a bit of budgeting, fortunately, we don’t just do an amazing job but will also quote you for the fence project.

Top Rated Brentwood Fence Installation

East Bay Wood is Brentwood’s leading fence installation service because we employ the very best in the business. While you might have worked with installers in the past, many of whom cut corners at various points in the process, that is not how we work.

One of the most common corners cut is using materials that are of a lower quality or fewer materials than was initially stated. The more unscrupulous installers don’t specify what materials they will use, which allows them to slip in cheap and often lower-quality substitutes. That’s one reason why so many people complain that their vinyl fences didn’t last as long as expected.

Our team collects all the material needed to ensure that everything is on track when the installation starts. Plus, we have extra material in reserve, so there is a ready supply for any unforeseen onsite conditions ensuring a fantastic job. Also, this saves time because our team does not need to make multiple trips to the surplus store or hardware store. The result is that we do a better job of installing your fence and one that is quicker, costing less than most other so-called premium services.  

Choose The Brentwood Fence That Suits Your Needs, And We’ll Install It!

Over the past decade, East Bay Wood has fabricated and installed several thousand feet of vinyl, wood, metallic, and even premium chain link fence(s). We’ve used vinyl extruders to help reduce the specifications of a vinyl fencing system.

East Bay Wood has built a reputation for installing the highest quality fences that have consistently proven to be unlike most others in terms of fit and finish. This is regardless of the fencing material.

Top Quality Wood Fence Installation in Brentwood

Many homeowners enjoy the look associated with the use of natural or genuine wood fences. Fortunately, our wood fences offer homeowners a natural, beautiful look coupled with an excellent warranty. Our picket fences come with a standard warranty, protecting your investment against termites and rot. Horizontal rails and posts are available with a longer-term warranty against rot and termite damage.

We have a team of certified and fully licensed fence installers in Brentwood that handle the installation guaranteeing a very good job. The nails used in installing the fence are of excellent quality. As it turns out, the quality of the nails used is a huge deal since cheap nails will rust, which eventually means the fence will start falling apart. We use galvanized nails to ensure that your fences last longer. 

We also provide many staining and sealing options for wood fences protecting them from fading and weathering.

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Your fence is probably the first thing visitors to your home will see. It also helps add curb appeal while protecting it from both human and animal intruders. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on fencing, regardless of your preferences.

Need help getting a few fences installed? Then call the leading fence contractors in Brentwood today. Not only can we provide you with a quote after paying you a visit in person, but our quotes are also highly accurate, making it easier for you to budget for the project.

Brentwood, California was formed as a farming community and is located in the East Bay region of Northern California. Much of the original agricultural area was lost to the requirements of a fast expanding population.

Brentwood began as a Spanish land grant, named after a county in England, like so many other nearby towns and cities. The city was founded in the 1830s, although it was not established until 1948, which was a rather late year.

Brentwood has evolved into an upmarket town with housing, shopping, and dining options to rival any nearby city. It has clearly grown into a community that has built on and around its rural and agricultural roots – a quick drive around you can still see many farms and ranches operating today, even in the midst of booming neighborhoods.

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