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Fences come in all shapes and heights. The style or design of a fence is based on its use and
personal preferences. There are commercial fences, residential fences, and farm fences. Because
of the variety of fence designs, it is important to do research before choosing specific fencing
materials for construction.

Types of Fences
Fences for residential properties provide privacy and security. The residential fence materials
have to be esthetically pleasing to the eye and enhance a properties overall landscape. In
residential fencing, gate materials are often ornamental or it seamlessly matches the chosen
fencing materials.

Commercial fences are for security and fencing materials must be durable. The gate materials
used for on commercial fencing are reinforced to protect the property from vehicles trying to ram
the gates for entry. The materials used for fencing and gates are made of a heavier gauge iron.
For farming, the type of fence materials depends on its agricultural use. Animals, such as horses
and cows, require electronic fencing to prevent them from breaking the fencing down. Other
animals, such as pigs, can be contained with wooden fencing materials. Gates materials used on
farms are designed with self-closing features to prevent animals from escaping.

Fence Materials
Some common fence materials used to build fences include wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and
wrought iron. The choice of materials used to build the fence depends on its overall use and its
ornamental use. To build a fence, posts are used to support the fencing materials. These posts are
the foundation for the fence and any gate entrances installed. Their proper installation is essential for the longevity of the fence. If poorly installed the fence may wobble and even in some cases
fall down. In cold areas to avoid frost heave, posts must be set below the frost line.

Fence Gate Considerations
When selecting a gate it is important to consider how it is to be used. Some common gate
materials used in building gate fences include wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, and wrought iron.
For a residential property, a slightly taller gate above the fence line gives added privacy. In a
farming situation, a self-closing gate should be considered if the fence is providing security for
animals. For a commercial property, the fence may need a special locking system or alarm. It is
vital to decide what the fence’s overall use will be, prior to choosing the right gate.

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