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Our local El Sobrante Deck Contractors are ready to transform your outdoor space. Locally owned and operated, East Bay Wood is a group of Bay Area Contractors that prides itself on producing high quality decks that provide useable space for your family and friends to enjoy, but we also produce great looking decks that will enhance and add value to your home.

Our goal is to produce high quality decks utilizing the best materials around. Our local El Sobrante home owners have the ability to choose from a number of wood types and materials including but not limited to, redwood and cedar planks as well as composite materials.

Customer satisfaction is our highest concern, which is why we use the highest quality materials and only hire top level contractors and skilled labor. 

As the premiere deck builder in El Sobrante Ca – we provide FREE & no-obligation estimates for our work, a transparent proposal and high quality end results. We utilize all traditional materials as well as more modern materials as well – Redwood and cedar, vinyl, and other composite materials and boards are used at our clients request and budget availability.

Hire the finest – Deck Contractors in El Sobrante Ca

Let us help transform your outdoor area by designing and building the highest quality deck possible for your home – a place for you to enjoy for many years to come with your family and friends.

Types of Decks we offer

Residential Decks – Our top tiered residential deck builders in El Sobrante specialize in planning, preparing, and building decks for homes and other residential spaces in and around El Sobrante. With the help of a qualified team, choose the wood type based on factors like: Durability, Look, Feel, Sustainability and maintenance and upkeep, and our team will get right to work.

Commercial Decks – Do you own a business, rental, or other property in or around El Sobrante? Let us help transform the look and feel of it by creating a quality deck. Whether its the transform the look and feel or to up the value of your property – let us be the ones to make it happen!

Swimming Pool Decks – Don’t let the kids track mud and debris all over the yard and into the house. Let our team of qualified professionals build a custom deck around your pool. Enjoy the Bay Area weather with a quality swimming pool deck!

Multi-tiered Decks – Need a deck with stairs, steps or another level to it? East Bay Wood, can plan and execute the perfect multi-tiered deck solution for you and your family or workplace!

Custom Decks – Need something custom built? Our El Sobrante team can help plan the perfect deck build no matter the dimensions or material needed. Looking for Trex or other alternatives to the traditional redwood, cedar or other exotic wood decks? Call us today for a quote on your custom deck!

El Sobrante Deck Repair

Have a loose or rotting board? Maybe it’s a few boards, or even a section that needs to be replaced or repaired. Our El Sobrante Deck Repair team is ready to offer free estimates, and repair or replace parts or even your whole deck area if needed.

A unique and unincorporated area today known as El Sobrante.

When the California and Nevada Railroad built a line into the area in 1887 for the purpose of transporting lumber cut from the hills, the area was dubbed “Oak Grove” by industrial concerns.  The name Sobrante was thereafter adopted, with the Spanish definite article “El” added in 1941, to coincide with the establishment of the first post office.

Rancho El Sobrante had been reduced to a series of smaller ranches by the early twentieth century, with most of them following a dirt road along San Pablo Creek. Many of these ranches were partitioned further. El Sobrante evolved from a rural to a semi-rural town as roads were paved and residences were built. El Sobrante is filled with a number of hidden gems, including one open and yet hard to find area dedicated to the rare Alameda Manzanita.

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