Best material for your outdoor deck

So, you’ve got a great home and you’ve been working to get the yard perfect yard for those gorgeous summer days that are coming up quickly (or already here). You’ve done all the work during the spring, making sure your grass is going to be green and free of weeds, you’ve got all the leaves picked up, just one thing is missing – a place to host your family, friends and guests on those gorgeous bay area days!

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your bay area backyard, consider a high quality deck. Getting a little higher off the ground on a deck made of a well-grained wood can significantly boost your backyard look, feel & overall experience.

But there’s one major question that you’re sure to wind up with… What is the best type of wood for your deck? Let’s take a look at some different options.

Types of wood

Cedar Deck

This is the type of wood that seems to be classic and timeless. It’s hard to beat the rich color and pure beauty of a natural cedar deck. Cedar contains natural oils that help prevent rot and decay – though like all true wood decks – it is subject to eventual decay and damage.

Redwood Deck

If Cedar is the classic and timeless deck material – Redwood is the workhorse of the bunch. You’ll find this wood material in nearly half of the backyards that boast well-made decks, for good reason too! 

All things considered – take a drive through Northern California and you’re sure to see the magnificent beauty and sheer size of our local redwood forests. There’s a reason why these tree’s can get so large – The durability of a redwood deck is unmatched with other natural wood’s.

Pressure Treated Deck

We don’t recommend pressure treated wood decks for our clients and customers, but it surely is an option – and it’s becoming more and more requested as the price of natural woods have increased significantly over the years. Some will choose to sacrifice the natural beauty of a pure grained wood for the budget minded price and also the durability of this alternative wood option.

TREX (or non-wood option) Decks

If you’re looking for something that will last forever for a decent price – it’s hard to look past the non-wood alternatives these days like TREX and other vinyl or poly molded alternatives. It’s true, they are getting closer and closer to the look of wood, but they aren’t quite there yet in terms of the “fool-a-bility” of it all. Though if you aren’t considered about having an “actual” wood deck, and you’re looking for a forever addition with very little maintenance – these alternative wood decks are sure to peak your interest.

So what’s the best type of wood?

Well, it really comes down to a couple things – Price and preference. If you’re looking for that classic and natural look – it’s hard to not choose a natural wood like Cedar or Redwood. Though it’s important to note that cost is usually significantly higher than other options and maintenance is required. 

But again – they are what we consider the most aesthetically appealing and feeling option out there and are perfect for those warm Bay Area “late-summers”.

When it comes to price point – if you’re looking to just get a deck to get up off the ground and have a simple place to host friends and family: Pressure treated wood might be the right ticket for you.

Wood alternatives – If you’re looking for the classic look of a deck, you might want to turn away from this option, but if you’re looking for great price point, low maintenance, and a very high level of durability – TREX or other alternatives are a great option. Just remember, they have a tendency to get really warm in the summer heat.

Whichever option you choose, we think adding an outdoor deck or patio is a great addition to your home – both for added equity and also for added quality experiences with family and friends. If you’d like to find out more – give us a call here at East Bay Wood – you’re local Bay Area Deck Builders,

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